Unique Tours


​Off-the-beaten path in Jerusalem, including Shimon Hatzadik’s grave, the American Colony, the Third Wall (of Second Temple Jerusalem), Chatzer Hamatara (where the prophet Yirmiyahu may have been imprisoned and, ultimately, buried), Tzidkiyahu’s Tunnel (where the last king may have tried to escape Jerusalem, and fell into enemy hands).

​Shomron/Samaria, the center of the Bible: visit sites often off-limits to Jewish groups such as Tel Shomron (the capital of the north for 157 years), the sites of blessing and curse known as Mount Grizim and Mount Eval, Shilo (where the Sanctuary stood for 369 years), and gravesites of Yosef, Yehoshua Bin Nun, Elazar, Itamar, and Pinchas.

Kivrei Tzadikim (Gravesites of the Righteous) in the Galilee, plus an unusual and deep probe of Jewish mysticism in the holy city of Tzfas, the Torah center of Tiverya, and Sanhedrin Sites of Usha, Sheparam, Beit Shearim, and Tzipori.

Chevron, the second holiest city in the world, and some of its less known ancient sites, Second Temple Herodion, Kever Rachel, and the restored Talmudic village of Sussya.

​Qumran (where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found), Jericho rebuilt after Yehoshua conquered it, the Herodion fortress of Kipros, and hikes like Nachal Og and Wadi Kelt through the Judean Desert.

Exploring Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran.
By the Home of the Shunamis.
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