“Let me personally thank you for making our trip an unforgettable, rewarding experience. Combining the historical and Torah sources is one thing. To do it with all your Neshama [soul] is another. Continue to inspire people מחיל לחיל [from strength to strength].”
Yehuda Singer

“A huge thank you for providing us with unforgettable adventure–while simultaneously juggling calls, enlightening us, making us feel safe & comfy,
feeding us, singing to us, and delivering everything in the end. It was very special.”
Nathan & Joan Kotlyar

“Just a short note to thank you for the most educational and
enjoyable tour I’ve had. It was quite an experience. Believe it or not it is now 10:45 am and [, after staying up all night during the tour], I still have not gone to sleep. I guess I’m still wound up from the trip. Please remember to put me on your mailing list and to let me know about any other touring that you will be doing.”
Eliezer Entel

​“Rabbi Menashe took time before our trip to understand what was important to us and what our background was. He designed customized day tours that appealed to everyone in our family and took us to amazing places throughout Israel. We will never forget our visit and everything we learned from him.”
Delma & David Gottlieb